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Arita ware | Takuma Tsuji | “Belted” -cup&saucer-

Arita ware | Takuma Tsuji | “Belted” -cup&saucer-

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This work was created using Sohyoh's unique line engraving technique, which involves drawing pictures on porcelain clay using a needle or chisel. The fine cloisonné pattern created by the line engraving creates a complex luster, and the contrast with the blank space of the white porcelain gives the vessel a sense of depth. The title of the work, "Belted," is inspired by the obi of Japanese clothing. The gorgeous colors typical of Arita ware are also attractive.
Takuma Tsuji
cup:W10.9×D8.0×H6.9cm 、saucer:W14.1×D13.9×H2.1㎝
All works are made by hand. Therefore, there are individual differences and the size, color, composition, etc. may differ slightly from the image. Depending on your monitor, the color of the actual product may appear different. I use Amakusa pottery stone for my works. Iron content may be unintentionally seen on the surface, but we hope you enjoy it as a view of the material.
We will secure the item as soon as your order is confirmed, but due to time differences, it may be out of stock. If the item is out of stock, we will contact you via email and process the cancellation. We appreciate your understanding in advance.
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