Katsunori SAWA
Katsunori SAWA

Collection: Katsunori SAWA

信楽焼(滋賀県)|Shigaraki ware
Katsunori SAWA

The wild and powerful Shigaraki and playful Oribe are attractive

A potter based in Shigaraki, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture. He mainly produces works of ``Shigaraki ware'', which is attractive for its rough and powerful shapes, and ``Oribe ware'', which is rich in originality and full of playfulness. Among Sawa's works, ``Yashichida Oribe'' is one of the most eye-catching works, with bright orange and green lines and birds, plants, etc. on the yellowish soil surface. The iron paintings are humorously drawn and entertain the viewers. He is a popular potter who stands out among his contemporaries in both his skill and popularity, and is constantly receiving offers from many department stores and galleries.

Activity base: Shigaraki-cho, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture