About Us
and POLITE is an online store that offers traditional Japanese craftworks and "Japanese tableware" created by master artisans based on the concept of "Live Carefully, Live Thoughtfully."

Enjoy the changes and cherish it for a long time.

Products to be used for years, while enjoying the way they change over time. The world is overflowing with things, and they have become unbelievably cheap. It seems like society has developed a cycle of buying cheap things, and replacing them when they break. To break this cycle, we decided to create traditional Japanese craft products that you can use for years while enjoying the way they change over time.

Natural materials that make the most of the climate

Traditional crafts include ceramics, woodworking, bambooworking, metalworking, fabrics, and lacquerware. These all make use of the unique climate and natural features of the local environment, and involve knowledge and techniques developed and passed down over generations. Our products are made by hand with natural materials, and since we use local materials, we take care not to damage the local environment.

The Beauty of Traditional Crafts

The Beauty of Traditional Crafts

Beautiful original designs

Our traditional Japanese tableware features intricate designs and original patterns. With a uniquely Japanese sensibility, they will bring elegant beauty to your table.

The pinnacle of master craftsmanship

Our painstakingly handcrafted Japanese tableware is made with techniques passed down over generations, and the level of quality and attention to detail amaze all who witness it.

Cultural and historical heritage

Japanese tableware has a long history. Traditional techniques and designs are important to preserve Japan’s culture and values in the modern era.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

The creation of traditional Japanese tableware utilizes the unique climate and natural features of the local environment, uses sustainable natural materials, and is environmentally friendly.

Limited production and rarity

Unlike industrial mass production, our Japanese tableware is handcrafted by masters, so the number of products is limited, making them rare and more valuable.

Japanese tableware is more than just a tool for eating; our pieces are works of art imbued with Japanese aesthetics, tradition, and the skills of the craftsmen who made them.

The Meaning Behind Our Logo

The Meaning Behind Our Logo