Yuki Inoue|Yuki INOUE

Collection: Yuki Inoue|Yuki INOUE

有田焼(佐賀県) | Arita ware
Yuki Inoue|Yuki INOUE

A stunning fusion of white porcelain tradition and modern art

A potter living in Arita Town, Saga Prefecture. Third generation head of the Manji Inoue kiln (his grandfather was Manji Inoue, a Living National Treasure). The works, which are drawn using a technique called yuuteki, are appealing, with the beauty of white porcelain in mind. We are actively collaborating with other industries such as fashion brands to further develop Arita ware. A much-talked-about ceramic artist who brings a new style to Arita ware.

Activity base: Minamisancho, Arita-machi, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga Prefecture
URL: Inoue Manjigama