Masafumi ONISHI

Collection: Masafumi ONISHI

丹波焼(兵庫県)|Tamba ware
Masafumi ONISHI

Pursuing original works of art and exploring new possibilities for Tamba ware.

Ceramic artist based in Tamba Tachikui, Hyogo Prefecture. The fourth generation of the Tanbun Kiln, one of the oldest kilns in Tamba ware. He has created many wild and energetic pieces of pottery, while maintaining traditional techniques. In particular, his "Red-tamba" works, which are made using a traditional climbing kiln and Tamba clay and pigments, are unique and original in style. He is a popular Tamba artist who has held exhibitions not only in Japan but also abroad, and continues to explore new possibilities for Tamba ware.

Activity base : Shimotachikui, Imada-cho, Tambasasayama, Hyogo, Japan

URL : Tanbun Kiln