今西 公彦|Masahiko IMANISHI

Collection: 今西 公彦|Masahiko IMANISHI

丹波焼(兵庫県)|Tamba ware
今西 公彦|Masahiko IMANISHI

Loving Ko-Tamba and breathing new life into Tamba pottery with a modern sensibility.

Ceramic artist based in Tamba Tachikui, Hyogo Prefecture. He loves Ko-Tamba, and is constantly exploring the origin of Tamba pottery by walking in the mountains, visiting old kiln sites, and collecting pottery shards and soil. The forms created by his unique sensitivity and techniques are not limited to traditional Tamba ware, but new Tamba ware such as Black Tamba and White Tamba are also being presented. 

Activity base : Kami-tachikui, Imada-cho, Tamba-Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan