A blissful moment for Mother's Day. The second collaboration between the 420-year-old traditional "Takatori Ware Soke" and Fukuoka/Hakata's specialty coffee specialty store "REC COFFEE"!

「母の日」に贈る至福なひととき。420年の伝統「髙取焼宗家」の匠と福岡・博多のスペシャルティコーヒー専門店「REC COFFEE」がコラボレーション 第2弾!

As the second installment of the collaboration project that was held in December last year and quickly sold out, we have decided to carry out a project with the theme of "Mother's Day".

A set of coffee cups and saucers designed by Shunkei Takatori, which is a traditional craft yet has a modern design, and a coffee bag from REC COFFEE, a popular coffee shop in Hakata, Fukuoka run by a barista who has won awards at world competitions. I will sell it.

This set product allows you to enjoy a blissful moment with a coffee cup with a beautiful traditional glaze and aromatic coffee. How about giving it as a Mother's Day gift to express your daily gratitude? You can choose from the following three types of "Mother's Day" limited set (limited time, limited quantity).

*Easy to enjoy even if you don't have the tools to make coffee.


Takatori ware, Takatori Shunkei, Hyakko glaze, gold, coffee cup

A: Takatori ware | Shunkei Takatori | Hyakko glaze (gold)

This coffee cup has a cool style with a dark gold color that is not too glittery and has a mature atmosphere.
<Set contents>
1 coffee cup & saucer and 5 coffee bags Price: ¥7,900 (tax and shipping included)
Quantity: Limited to 10 sets (until sold out) *Comes in a gift box


Takatori ware, Takatori Shunkei, white glaze x Fuyoshi, furashi, coffee cup

B: Takatori ware | Shunkei Takatori | White glaze x Furashi cloth (white)

By applying Furashi glaze to traditional white glaze, this coffee cup has a tasteful and elegant appearance.
<Set contents>
1 coffee cup & saucer and 5 coffee bags Price: ¥7,900 (tax and shipping included)
Quantity: Limited to 10 sets (until sold out) *Comes in a gift box


Takatori ware, Takatori Shunkei, sea mouse glaze, sea cucumber, coffee cup

C: Takatori ware | Shunkei Takatori | Sea cucumber glaze (blue)

It is called sea rat glaze because the white ripples on the blue-purple color resemble a sea cucumber, and this coffee cup has a mysterious depth reminiscent of the sea.
<Set contents>
1 coffee cup & saucer and 5 coffee bags Price: ¥7,900 (tax and shipping included)
Quantity: Limited to 10 sets (until sold out) *Comes in a gift box


This coffee cup is durable, lightweight, and has a beautiful glaze (seven-colored medicine) that was passed down from generation to generation. The shape of the cup is a stylish straight type, and the handle is designed to fit your fingers securely. It also has a capacity of 160ml for regular coffee, making it perfect for REC COFFEE coffee bags.


There may be some color difference between the photo and the actual product you receive. All of this product is handmade and each glaze is applied by hand, so there may be slight differences in shade and expression when finished. Enjoy the unique features of handmade products.


Introducing Takatori Yaki Soke, the only kiln directly descended from the first generation of Takatori Hachizan, which has continued for 420 years in Fukuoka.

Takatori ware is a type of pottery that has been handed down in Toho Village, Asakura District, Fukuoka Prefecture, and many famous items were produced during the Edo period as an official kiln of the Chikuzen Kuroda clan. In addition, under the guidance of Kobori Enshu, the Tokugawa shogun's tea ceremony instructor, he inherited a sophisticated sense of aesthetics with his sake, which is described as ``kirei sabi'' and came to be known as ``Enshu Takatori.'' The techniques of Takatori ware, cultivated through a long history and tradition, have been preserved as a "secret book" and are still passed down from generation to generation by the Takatori ware family, which is a direct kiln. The characteristics of Takatori ware are that although it is made of pottery, it is thin like porcelain, yet durable and light, and above all, the beautiful colors expressed by the glaze (seven colors of medicine) that is mixed by the inheritance of one child.
*Shosha: Clean and bright. It's fashionable without being vulgar.

Ceramic artist Shunkei Takatori
Born as the eldest son of Hachizan, the 13th generation of the Takatori ware family, he is the next 14th generation successor of the Takatori ware family. After training as an apprentice under the Enshu tea ceremony master, he returned to the kiln. Inheriting techniques passed down from generation to generation, we are currently taking on new challenges while preserving traditional techniques such as clay making, glaze mixing, and firewood firing.

Takatoriyaki Souke https://takatoriyaki-souke.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/takatoriyaki/

Takatori ware, Takatori Shunkei, Toho Village, Fukuoka Prefecture, pottery, ceramics, pottery


Introducing REC COFFEE, a specialty coffee specialty store that continues to be popular in Fukuoka and Hakata.

REC COFFEE is a specialty coffee shop that roasts its own coffee and has stores mainly in Fukuoka and Hakata. Founded in 2008 as a mobile coffee truck, we expanded our business with the desire to deliver the emotional experience of coffee to as many people as possible, and currently have five stores in Fukuoka, two in Tokyo, and two in Taiwan. (as of April 14, 2023). Representative Yoshikazu Iwase won the Japan Barista Championship (JBC), a competition for Japan's best baristas, for two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015, and was runner-up at the World Barista Championship (WBC) in 2016. You have a history. Every day, we deliver carefully selected coffee and blissful moments.
REC COFFEE https://rec-coffee.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rec_coffee/

REC COFFEE, REC COFFEE, coffee, coffee

<REC COFFEE coffee bag set>

Just pour hot water. We have prepared a ``coffee bag'' that allows you to easily enjoy authentic coffee starting from one cup without the need for any special equipment. We have created a set of 5 types of coffee bags because we want you to enjoy a variety of flavors and we want to deliver products that will make your time at home more enjoyable and colorful. We hope you enjoy drinking and comparing the coffees, each with a different character, while choosing which one to drink each day.

REC COFFEE, REC coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee bag

coffee bag contents

Set of 5 bags, 1 bag of Hakata Blend, 1 bag of Lucy Blend, 1 bag of Kissa Blend, 1 bag of Geisha Blend, 1 bag of Decaf *Contents: 10g / 1 bag




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