[NEW] One of Japan's oldest pottery products, "Tamba Ware", has been newly added!

丹波焼,丹波立杭焼,Tamba ware,今西公彦,大西雅文,Masahiko IMANISHI,Msafumi ONISHI,

Tamba-Sasayama City is famous for producing Tamba chestnuts and Tamba-Sasayama black beans, and another specialty that this area is proud of is ``Tamba Ware''. Tamba ware, which is said to have originated from the end of the Heian period to the beginning of the Kamakura period (late 12th century), is one of Nihon Rokkoyo, along with Seto ware, Tokoname ware, Shigaraki ware, Bizen ware, and Echizen ware, and was established in 850. We continue to inherit this long history and tradition to this day.

It was decided in October of last year that ``Tamba Ware'' would be join us. We consulted Mr. Kojima, a Karatsu ware potter who we work with on a daily basis, about additional artists, and he told us that there was a master craftsman in Tanba who created excellent works, and he introduced us to him. In the end, Mr. Kojima accompanied us, and we visited a pottery in Tamba Sasayama, Hyogo Prefecture, where he kindly agreed, and here we are today.


The first artist is Masahiko Imanishi.

He loves Ko-Tamba, and is constantly exploring the origin of Tamba pottery by walking in the mountains, visiting old kiln sites, and collecting pottery shards and soil. The forms created by his unique sensitivity and techniques are not limited to traditional Tamba ware, but new Tamba ware such as Black Tamba and White Tamba are also being presented. He is an artist who is attracting attention as an up-and-coming artist who breathes new life into Tamba pottery.

Tamba ware, Tamba ware, Masahiko IMANISHI


The second artist is Masafumi Onishi.

He has created many wild and energetic pieces of pottery, while maintaining traditional techniques. In particular, his "Red-tamba" works, which are made using a traditional climbing kiln and Tamba clay and pigments, are unique and original in style. He is a popular Tamba artist who has held exhibitions not only in Japan but also abroad, and continues to explore new possibilities for Tamba ware.

Tamba ware, Tamba ware, Masafumi Onishi, Msafumi ONISHI


Tamba ware is famous as one of Japan's leading pottery production areas. Tea pottery such as matcha bowls are also made, but the main products used are rice bowls, tea utensils, flower vases, and other everyday utensils. The unpretentious simplicity, calm atmosphere, warmth of the earth, and rustic yet presence are attractive. Please take a look at their unique Tamba ware.

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