Collaboration with Japan's highest quality! A campaign where you can enjoy freshly harvested Saga rice and specially selected grilled seaweed from the Saga Ariake Sea in a Karatsu-ware rice bowl that gives you the warmth of the earth.

日本最高品質のコラボレーション!土の温もりを感じる「唐津焼の飯茶碗」で収穫したての佐賀の「新米」と 佐賀有明海産 特選「焼のり」を愉しむキャンペーン

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Naoki Kojima is a Karatsu ware artist who has been making pottery for over 40 years in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture, a quiet village forest with a beautiful stream flowing through it. While preserving the traditional techniques of Karatsu ware that have been around for over 400 years, his work focuses on tea utensils such as matcha bowls, water holders, and flower vases, as well as sake vessels such as sake cups, pottery cups, and sake bottles.

In the spring of 2023, we consulted with him about making a pottery bowl for everyday use, and he readily agreed, and the long-awaited rice bowl has now been completed.

Since it is a rare "rice bowl" that is not often made, we have created a limited collaboration product that includes the autumn taste "new rice" and the rice accompaniment "grilled seaweed".

Now that we are feeling the depths of autumn, why not enjoy the aromatic rice and grilled seaweed in a rice bowl made by a master craftsman?

Campaign overview

Sales period | Sales start from October 19, 2023 (Thursday), end as soon as sold out

Sales location|Online shop “& Poraito” only

Sales contents | 1 Karatsu Yamase rice bowl + 1 bag of 3 cups of Saga new rice "Kozoumai" + 1 can of 64 pieces of "grilled seaweed" from Saga Ariake Sea

Sales quantity|Limited to the first 20 people

Sales price|9,100 yen (tax included, shipping included)

<Breakdown: Rice bowl special price 5,500 yen, Kozo rice and grilled seaweed set 2,500 yen, shipping 1,100 yen>


“Karatsu Yamase rice bowl” created by Karatsu ware artist Naoki Kojima

Using Yamase clay, which is known as the pottery clay of Old Karatsu, each piece is carefully shaped on a potter's wheel and fired in a wood-fired climbing kiln, which is rare in modern times.

This rice bowl has a beautiful soft loquat color that is characteristic of Yamase, and also has the soft texture and warmth that only earthenware can provide.

The pottery normally sells it for 8,800 yen, but thanks to Mr. Kojima's kindness, we are offering it at a special price of 5,500 yen.

*You can choose from the following 4 types according to your preference.
Types A and B are rice bowls that may seem a little small for men, but they are exquisitely sized vessels that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as small bowls for serving side dishes.
Types C and D can of course be used as rice bowls, but they can also be used for ochazuke, porridge, cereal bowls, and soup bowls.


We bring you the special “Blessings of Saga” made by the Shimomura Brothers!

The rice is grown by Kozo Shimomura (younger brother / photo, right) of Shimomura Farm, who farms rice in Saga, and Keiichiro Shimomura of Ichiro Egashira Shoten, who inherited the flavor of Saga seaweed from his uncle, Ichiro Egashira Shoten. Older brother/photo left). A set of the Shimomura brothers' special Saga blessings, ``Kozo rice'' and ``Saga Ariake sea roasted seaweed,'' will be delivered together with a ``Karatsu Yamase rice bowl'' made by Mr. Kojima.


The harvested rare variety “Yume Shizuku” and the carefully selected highest grade product, Shimomura Farm’s Yume Shizuku “Kozo Rice” from Kuboizumi, Saga Prefecture

Kuboizumi-cho, Saga City, Saga Prefecture. The rare variety ``Yume Shizuku'' is cultivated in this land blessed with the pure water and fertile soil of Mt. Sefuri, which is said to be the roof of the Saga Plains. This variety was created by crossing Kinuhikari and Hitomebore, and is characterized by its strong stickiness and sweetness, as well as its plump and glossy appearance that whets the appetite. In addition, the Yume Droplets that are even more carefully selected from among these are known as ``Kozo rice,'' and as a proof of his commitment, Mr. Shimomura himself personally writes the name ``Kozo rice'' on each package.

Shimomura Farm produces rice using organic fertilizer and was the first in Saga Prefecture to receive JGAP certification. JGAP is a certification given to farms and farmers who actively work on food safety and environmental conservation. By continuously conducting and recording water quality surveys, soil diagnoses, etc., we continue to strive to improve the efficiency of agricultural work and produce quality crops.

Kozo says, ``Instead of farming to increase the yield, it is important to produce safe rice that has good taste even if the yield is small, so that consumers can continue to eat it with peace of mind.'' Regarding the cultivation of rice, the rice plants are cultivated with sufficient space between the plants. Therefore, normally you can expect to harvest more than 500kg, but at Shimomura Farm, the yield is about 400kg. Delicious rice is produced by cultivating each plant by paying careful attention to nutrition, water, sunlight, etc. In addition, it is cultivated without using pesticides (pesticides) as much as possible.


A special product made using only the highest grades of Saga seaweed.
Egashira Ichiro Shoten Specially Selected “Kiwami” Series “grilled seaweed” from Saga Ariake Sea

The Ariake Sea boasts one of the world's greatest tidal differences. Saga nori, grown in a rich fishing ground rich in mineral-rich nutrients, is characterized by its delicious flavor and aroma, which is a condensation of the blessings of the Ariake Sea. Among them, we only use the highest grades, which are particularly fragrant and melt in the mouth.

Strut-type aquaculture is a fishing method that utilizes the natural environment as it is, which is possible because of the Ariake Sea in Saga Prefecture, which has a tidal difference of up to 6 meters and many rivers flowing into it. Saga nori, which is cultivated on ``stilts'' where the seaweed rises from the sea surface at low tide and is exposed to sunlight, has three to five times the amino acid content of shiitake mushrooms and bonito flakes, and the umami flavor fills your mouth.

In addition, water and sand brought in from rivers flowing from Mt. Tara, Mt. Sefuri, and distant Mt. Aso and Kokonoe create vast tidal flats, with a salinity concentration that allows seaweed to grow at its softest and most delicious.

<Details of the product to be delivered>

◆Karatsu Yamase rice bowl (4 types available)
Artist: Karatsu Yaki Sogen Kiln Naoki Kojima Material: Ceramic, Production Area: Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture *All 20 pieces are handmade, so each one has its own unique character. Product photos of all 5 of each of 4 types are posted on the purchase page, so please choose your favorite scenery.

◆Saga Rice Yume Drop [Kozo Rice] White rice (3 cups x 1 bag)
Producer: Shimomura Farm Production and processing location: Saga City, Saga Prefecture Best-before date: One month from the rice milling date *To ensure the best taste, we recommend consuming the rice within one month after arrival.


◆Special selection [Extreme] Grilled Nori Ichiro Egashira *Contains 64 eight-cut pieces (8 whole pieces)
Producer: Ichiro Egashira Shoten Place of production and processing: Saga City, Saga Prefecture Expiry date: 300 days from the date of manufacture *A baked seaweed made from carefully selected Saga seaweed (dried seaweed) from the Ariake Sea that is baked with far infrared rays to give it a fragrant aroma. It is a masterpiece with a sweet taste and a good melt-in-the-mouth aroma. It's cut into bite-sized pieces, so it's delicious to eat as is, or you can add a little soy sauce and enjoy it as an accompaniment to rice. You can also enjoy the flavor of seaweed by dissolving it in soup.


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・Type A: Karatsu Yamase Rice Bowl (with glossy penetration) + new rice/grilled seaweed set *First 5 pieces


・B type: Karatsu Yamase rice bowl (matte loquat color) + new rice/grilled seaweed set *First 5 pieces

・C type: Karatsu Yamase rice bowl (loquat colored round bowl) + new rice/grilled seaweed set *First 5 pieces


・D type: Karatsu Yamase rice bowl (loquat colored round bowl small) + new rice/grilled seaweed set *First 5 pieces

Saga is famous for its rice production and pottery production because of its clean water, air, and soil. Good works cannot be created without good water and soil. ``Rice and grilles seaweed'' and ``pottery'' have something in common. Enjoy a higher-quality dining experience with Naoki Kojima's rice bowls, which are made with delicious rice and seaweed that are carefully made using soil and allow you to experience the rich blessings of nature on your tongue.

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