Nice to meet you, I'm “and POLITE(&ぽらいと)”. We have opened an online shop.

Nice to meet you, I'm “and POLITE(&ぽらいと)”. We have opened an online shop.

Our concept is "Live carefully, live carefully."
Things that you want to cherish for a long time while enjoying change.
We deliver ``traditional crafts'' that inherit the skills of master craftsmen, and ``arts and crafts'' that have both aesthetic beauty.

Recently, with the spread of SDGs, the idea of ​​“ethical consumption” has spread rapidly.
Did you know that Japanese crafts are attracting attention not only in Japan but also overseas?
Japan has many wonderful "crafts". All take advantage of the blessings of the local climate and natural features,
They are all things that have been passed down through wisdom and technology that have been cultivated over a long period of time.
*Ethical consumption: ethical and moral (selecting and consuming products that are considerate of people, society, the environment, and the region)

“andPOLITE(&ぽらいと)” is Connecting "creators" who take on new challenges while inheriting tradition and "users" who are consumers, We deliver "crafts" that you will want to cherish for a long time.

Kyushu, where our company is located, is known as one of the leading ceramic production areas in Japan.
It is said to be ``Kyushu, the kingdom of pottery.'' First of all, with the theme of "Delivering the 'now' of Kyushu",
We mainly deliver ceramics.

Thank you for your continued support.
We will also regularly update information on our official SNS , so please follow us!

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