“Official SNS Follow & Like Campaign” Terms of Use

In order to apply for the "Official SNS Follow & Like Campaign" (hereinafter referred to as "this campaign") sponsored by "and POLITE" (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), please read these application terms and conditions. please confirm.

Those who apply for this campaign will be deemed to have understood and agreed to the contents of these application terms.

1. Application conditions

(1) To apply, you must have an Instagram or Facebook account and follow the official account (@andpolite). Please note that as you follow the account, information other than this campaign will also be displayed on your timeline.
(2) Posts whose accounts are private will not be eligible for application.
(3) If you are a minor, please apply with the consent of your guardian.
(4) For other applications, please follow the instructions from our company.
(5) There will be no participation fee when applying. However, please note that applicants will be responsible for paying any internet connection fees, communication fees, etc. incurred in connection with their application.

2. Prohibitions

Acts that fall under any of the following are prohibited.
In addition, if the Company determines that an applicant falls under any of the following, the Company may (1) not approve the application, (2) cancel the election, or (3) take other necessary measures. Furthermore, please note that our company will not be responsible for any complaints, troubles, or disputes that arise regarding these measures.

(Prohibited matter)
1. Impersonation (using the name of a third party, claiming to be a person affiliated with our company or other company or organization)
2.Acts that interfere with the operation of this campaign
3. Defaming, threatening, or harassing other applicants or other related parties
4.Acts that damage the trust and honor of our company, its services and products
5.Acts that place an excessive burden on our server
6.Other acts that violate laws and public order and morals
7.Other acts that are deemed inappropriate in light of the purpose of this campaign
8. Application actions by those who have had their accounts suspended or their use of our services suspended due to violation of our service terms of use, etc.

3. Contacting winners and shipping prizes
(1) Winners will be determined from among the applicants after a strict screening.
(2) Each applicant can win only once.
(3) Winners will be contacted via DM (direct message).
Please note that if we do not receive a reply for a certain period of time after sending the DM, the winning bid may be invalidated. Please see DM for details.
(4)The prize will be sent to the winner's address. Please note that we cannot ship prizes to addresses other than the recipient's address.
(5) Prizes are scheduled to be shipped in early November 2022. However, please note that the shipping time of prizes may change depending on the progress of this campaign and other circumstances.
(6) If the prize cannot be delivered due to insufficient or incorrect address information, relocation, long-term absence, etc., the prize may be invalidated.
(7) Please note that we will not be able to respond to any questions regarding the screening method or process.

4. About personal information
Personal information obtained from applicants and winners through this campaign will be used only for inquiries and communications regarding this campaign and procedures for shipping prizes. In addition, we will not disclose or provide your information to third parties except in the following cases.
① In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations
② When the information is used by a subcontractor under the management and supervision of the Company for the purposes listed above.
Please see our privacy policy.

5. Liability and Disclaimer
(1) Please note that the Company will not be held responsible even if the applicant is unable to apply due to reasons such as the model of smartphone used, usage status, communication environment, server environment, etc.
(2) Please note that the Company will not be held responsible even if the submitted work cannot be submitted due to internet line, server failure, or other network failure.
(3) Please note that our company cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to applicants as a result of their participation in this campaign.
(4) In the event that damage is caused to the applicant in connection with participation in this campaign, and even if it is due to the Company's intention or negligence, the scope of the Company's liability shall not exceed the scope of the Company's liability, unless the damage is caused by the Company's intention or gross negligence. This covers only the part related to direct and actual damages, and the Company shall not be responsible for lost profits, psychological damages, or damages caused by other special circumstances.
(5) Please note that if an applicant violates these application terms and this causes damage to the Company, the Company may claim compensation for the damage from the applicant.

6. Others
(1) If we deem it necessary, we may make changes to this campaign, including changes to these application terms.
If these application terms and conditions are changed and the Company posts them, the changed application terms and conditions will become effective.
(2) The Company may suspend or cancel this campaign if there are unavoidable circumstances. Please note that our company cannot be held responsible in this case either.
(3) When using Instagram and Facebook, please follow the terms and conditions and other specifications of the operating company of each service.
(4) These Terms of Application are written in Japanese and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws and regulations of Japan.
(5) Even if any part of these Application Terms and Conditions is ineffective pursuant to the Consumer Contract Act or other laws and regulations, other parts shall remain in force to the maximum extent that does not violate laws and regulations.
(6) In the event that any dispute arises between us and the Company in connection with this Campaign and this Service, the Fukuoka District Court will have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.