Japanese Artisanal Dishware Elevate Your Culinary Presentation.

日本の美、伝統の技「 匠たちの“和の器”をあなたの食卓に。」

Japanese pottery made by master craftsmen, "Individual Plates"

We would like to introduce you to some wonderful plates from “and POLITE(&ぽらいと)”, which delivers ``Japanese tableware'' created by master craftsmen. Individual Plates are They are often made with more attention to design than small plates, and are often used to serve Japanese sweets or for celebrations and hospitality. This time, we asked four artists handled by “andPOLITE(&ぽらいと)” to create plates that would match modern dining tables while still using traditional techniques. Even though it is the same plate, it is a work that overflows with the individuality of the four artists. It's also reasonably priced, so why not take this opportunity to try out this handmade masterpiece that Japan is proud of?

various plates


Now you can get a “Cloisonne Tatami Tea Mat” as a gift!

If you purchase a plate and answer a questionnaire, the first 20 people will receive a ``Cloisonne tatami tea mat'' that will make your plate stand out. This is an auspicious tatami mat made from Japanese natural rushes and finished with the traditional Japanese pattern of "Cloisonne".

Tatami tea mat, cloisonné tatami tea mat, tatami mat
Japanese beauty and traditional techniques: “Bringing Japanese tableware made by master craftsmen to your dining table.”
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